Kiebel Wild Wine

Kiebel Wild Wine

Taste the Wild

Taste the Wild Kiebel Wild Wines: Wild Life, After Work & For Champions

Wild Germany

From the Wild West of Germany

On the steep slopes of the romantic Moselle landscape, deep in the Wild West of Germany, grow the grapes belonging to a young husband-and-wife team of vintners, the Kiebels.

The mineral slate soil and optimal sunny slopes leave their mark on the balanced flavor of the wine, just as does the Kiebel philosophy: When working with a horse or the grape, the person directs the way, but does only that which is absolutely necessary. In harmony with nature, the vines are pruned during the harsh winter and the grapes are thinned out in the dusty summer. By harvesting at just the right moment the hard work pays off with ripe grapes high on the Oechsle scale.

Later in the wine cellar, Markus Kiebel’s credo applies: To obtain high quality, you need to process the grapes carefully. A gentle pressing of the grapes along with a fermentation that is slow and controlled results in fruity fresh wines. Left on long reins, the wine is free to run until it has reached just the right age to be bottled. You can taste all that in Kiebels’ wild wine. Drink wild!